We have solutions to treat common illnesses such as diarrhea

In countries where access to clean drinking water is a challenge, diarrheal issues prevail. Diarrhea not only causes discomfort, it can also lead to death in infants. According to WHO*, diarrheal diseases are the 2nd leading cause of death in children under five years. 

Fortunately, diarrheal diseases are preventable and treatable.

Sanofi endeavors to create solutions for common health conditions, such as stomach or problems, which can otherwise disrupt life for days and inconvenience the affected individual.

We have introduced effective diarrheal remedies and ready-to-drink probiotics which are suitable for people of all age-groups.
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Diarrhea1 is a common problem that might be caused by different reasons. Generally, recovery from diarrhea is within a short period of time and without causing major issues but especially in small children and elderly it may proceed with severe symptoms and may cause a life-threatening situation.

Symptoms of Diarrhea?1

Diarrhea might cause different symptoms in different individuals. Watery stool, stomach ache, uneasiness and abdominal cramps are some common symptoms.

Other symptoms that might be experienced include:
Nausea and vomiting, headache, fever, lack of appetite etc.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics2 are friendly or good bacteria beneficial for the body.

Beneficial bacteria which are naturally present in our body, support our immune system and provide protection from diseases. Trillions of beneficial bacteria are present in our body, particularly in the intestines.

Probiotics are the same or very similar to these beneficial bacteria as in our body and their benefit to restoring gut health is well-established in scientific researches and studies.

Probiotics have been in use for a great number of years now and are known to be safe. Probiotics come in many forms, including food, food supplements and medicines.

Why are Probiotics important?

To protect our health, a suitable equilibrium should be established between beneficial and harmful bacteria present in our digestive system.

Probiotics assist beneficial bacteria present naturally in our digestive system (flora).  Probiotics are used in diarrhea caused by viruses or harmful bacteria or diarrhea associated with antibiotic treatment.

Probiotics maintain balance between good and bad bacteria

Do you know what probiotics are?

Learn about Probiotics
Scientific research has demonstrated proven benefits of probiotics

Benefits of probiotics

Probiotics help restore balance of good bacteria in the gut.


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