Each person living with diabetes is unique. Each life is different.

For more than 100 years, we have listened to and supported the people whose lives have been touched by diabetes. We believe healthcare should be as individual as you are... we believe in Your Type. We are here to listen to and support the people whose lives are touched by diabetes and to learn from them, to understand each unique perspective, and to bring that back into what we do every day–develop better solutions for patients.

At Sanofi, we have been working for close to a century to develop therapeutic solutions for patients with diabetes and will continue to do so for many decades to come.

We work alongside our healthcare partners to deliver medicines and solutions that allows them to take a personalized approach, focused on individual needs. By doing so, we seek to empower people living with diabetes and those supporting them to find the right path to managing their condition and live a better life.

Our ultimate goal is to find a cure by working on disease modifying therapies; in the meantime, we’re working to help patients prevent complications and manage their diabetes in the best possible way. “At Sanofi, we believe in Your Type.”