Diabetes can affect anyone, any time. It is a chronic and complex condition which requires long-term management. If left  untreated, diabetes can lead to serious complications, affect quality of life and reduce life expectancy.

1 in 5

adults has diabetes in South-East Asia


of the total population in Pakistan is diabetic

Every 30 seconds

someone somewhere loses a limb due to diabetes

Accompanying people with diabetes on their health journey

Scientific discoveries, studies and trials conducted globally over the past decades have demonstrated big improvements in diabetes management and control. It is possible for people with diabetes, today, to lead a normal, healthy and active life.

Sanofi, being a global healthcare leader, continues to innovate to improve quality of life of those living with diabetes around the world.

We put man before the molecule and patient before the product. We understand the needs of patients and work in partnership with the healthcare community and patient associations to answer the needs of patients and improve patient outcomes and experience.

Our diabetes management solutions not only comprise products but also include patient support programs and a range of services. As a health journey partner, Sanofi remains committed to improving diabetes management. The health journey of people living with diabetes is smoother today, thanks to the development of 1 insulin injection a day.

Furqan Hussain is not one to be deterred by diabetes


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