Sanofi Pakistan remains committed to answering the needs of patients

Diversity and Inclusiveness

At Sanofi, we value diversity of gender, religion, culture, disciplinary backgrounds, opinions and perspectives. We believe that diversity enriches our output, lends excellence and a deeper meaning to our achievements. Our people are not hesitant to voice their opinions, rather, they are encouraged to challenge the status quo and express themselves openly and respectfully.

Team Building and Employee Engagement Activities

We have created a very strong culture of transversal collaboration and teamwork, which is one of our Values. We have a vibrant calendar of employee engagement activities and encourage employees to work in cross-functional teams to optimize results by drawing on a set of diverse strengths, expertise and experience.

Work-Life Balance

At Sanofi we have fostered an environment where work-life balance is enabled and encouraged. Office timings offer a degree of flexibility so that employees are better able to manage their personal and professional lives simultaneously.
The Head Office located in Korangi Industrial Area (Karachi) is set in sprawling lush green lawns. On-site facilities include a well-equipped gym, a football ground (doubles as a cricket field), table tennis room, badminton court and a cafeteria.

Career Growth and Development

Professional development of employees is critical to the success of a company. An engaged employee often proactively identifies growth opportunities within the organization and this is encouraged at Sanofi.
Extensive career opportunities are offered to employees in order to hone their competencies and develop well-rounded professionals. We offer job rotation assignments, shot term project roles, experiential projects, job transfers and secondments. In addition, we also have training and development plans in place to suit individual and team needs.

Benefits and Perks

Sanofi Pakistan offers competitive salary and benefits commensurate with education, professional experience and job responsibilities. Some of our benefits include: car (up to a certain level), health and life insurance, end of service benefits such as retirement plans (upto a certain level), gratuity, provident fund, employee stock purchase program, performance-based bonus and other Rewards.

Transportation Facility

Sanofi Pakistan is one of the few companies that provide free commute to its employees (up to a certain grade). We offer transportation to our management and non-management staff, to and from office, for day and night shifts.

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