Sanofi has a proud and rich heritage of pharmaceutical research and development; in particular, Hoechst AG, the pioneers of research in diabetes that began as far back as 1910. Sanofi has continued in the spirit of its predecessors, bringing to its research creativity and innovation, with just one end in view: patient health. 

The guiding principle of Sanofi’s business activities has always been to discover and develop innovative, effective and well-tolerated treatments and make them available to doctors and their patients. The aim is to answer the needs of the patient even better than before and to provide innovative solutions which will truly improve patients’ lives.


Our extensive site in Karachi was founded in 1972, with an objective to develop, produce, package and distribute high quality medicines under optimal safety conditions and at competitive costs to the market. Sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited boasts a diversified pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, manufacturing products ranging from oral solids and liquid dosage forms to highly technical and sophisticated sterile products.

Amongst the support functions of the site, Industrial Quality and Compliance (IQC) is a key function that plays a vital role in maintaining high standards of quality, safety and efficacy for products. It employs modern technologies, equipment and highly trained and qualified staff to measure the quality of products being manufactured, ensuring that products reaching patients are fully compliant to the claim of the drug substance. Not only that, an independent quality assurance system is also in place to ensure and maintain GMP standards.
The site is organized in four specialized and autonomous business units:

Claforan® Plant

The dedicated Cephalosporin unit (Claforan® Plant), has the capability of online filling and packing of Sterile powder

Haemaccel® Plant

Haemaccel® Plant is the first blood plasma substitute manufacturing facility in Pakistan

Solids Manufacturing Unit

Multi-product pharma manufacturing unit, the site’s largest production facility manufacturing wide range of solids and injectable forms

Oral Liquid Manufacturing Plant

A fully automated oral liquid unit