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Empowering Life
Empowering Life
Empowering Life

Welcome to Sanofi
in Pakistan


This website gives you an overview of Sanofi-aventis in Pakistan: our background, our organization, our products, our belief and our prospects.


    Content :

    Contact Us

    sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited

    Registered Office

    Plot 23, Sector 22
    Korangi Industrial Area

    Postal Address

    P.O. Box 4962

    Tel: +92-21-35060221-35


    Welcome to Sanofi in Pakistan

    sanofi-aventis Pakistan limited ("Sanofi") has a strong presence in Pakistan. With over 1000 employees working every day with the commitment to improve health and wellness across the country, Sanofi ranks amongst the top ten pharmaceutical firms in Pakistan.

    By working in collaboration with our stakeholders, we ensure that our patient-centric approach yields tangible benefits to the common man through provision of our quality medicines that cater all age groups. We are proud to be in the business of improving lives and alleviating suffering, because we believe: when the world has its health, it will have everything.

    Our manufacturing facilities are among the most modern and environmentally friendly facilities in the country, maintaining the demanding standards of cGMP. There is great emphasis on quality, professionalism and high ethical standards. The rich product portfolio of our company includes life-saving drugs, several of which are leaders in their respective classes.

    We are social